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The RoboCup@Home league aims to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications. It is the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots and is part of the RoboCup initiative.

People Revuelta Cuauhtli, Adrián
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Adrián Revuelta Cuauhtli


I studied software engineering at Universidad Panamericana and am currently pursuing a master in computer science at UNAM. Meanwhile, I work with Dr. Jesús Savage Carmona at the Bio-robotics lab from the engineering school on a service robot called Justina.
My master thesis will be focused on a completely new fault-tolerant objective-oriented action planner using a knowledge base and an inference machine (CLIPS) with conceptual dependency, the intention is to make our service robot  more "intelligent" and more responsive, as well as facilitating the implementation of new "tests" or "activities".

Adrián & Justina
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